Tony Ryan who has issued scientists a call to arms on war on plastics

Our Director in call to arms to scientists on the war on plastics

A call to arms to scientists in the war of plastics published in Science by our director Tony Ryan.

For this publication, Tony worked with scientists at TUoS and the University of Delaware. Together they make the case for systemic change and innovative research.

Scientists in war on plastics

Tony says: “This paper is essentially a call to arms to other scientists in this area to put their intellectual power behind potential solutions to the plastic problem.

“This is something that needs policy and business models to come together and create a broad multidisciplinary mix. It’s a wicked problem that needs a holistic approach.”

If you want more on this story, then look here: Scientists publish a call to arms on the war on plastics. And you can read the paper here: Toward polymer upcycling—adding value and tackling circularity.

Grantham Centre plastics research

Our special plastics research project Many Happy Returns is looking at ways to encourage more reuse of plastic. You can find out more about that here.