All-party roundtable on reuse: a line of bottles without branding ready to be reused

All-party roundtable on reuse for our Many Happy Returns team

We partnered with the All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and the Sustainable Resource Forum for an all-party roundtable on reuse. Focus was on consumers’ attitudes towards reusable packaging and how government and industry can enable change. 

All-Party round table on reuse with the Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group

The All-Party Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group is a cross-party group of MPs. It is the leading forum informing the debate between parliamentarians, business leaders and the sustainable resource community.

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The findings of the session feed into an inquiry into the role of reusable and refillable packaging in a UK circular economy.

Reuse work at the Grantham Centre

Profs Jo Gavins and Thomas Webb from our Many Happy Returns team were on this roundtable. Many Happy Returns aims to enable reusable packaging systems and so reduce the need for single-use plastic.

Photo by Anna Shvets.