Accounting for extinction: how can the implementation of accounting for extinction framework help change corporate behaviour to protect biodiversity?

Biodiversity loss can be seen as an indicator that the Earth’s capacity to sustain life is eroding. Human and business activity including pollution, increasing greenhouse gas emissions and habitat loss are all root causes. With the sixth mass extinction under way, the looming environmental disaster necessitates direct action.

To deal with the existential threat posed by climate change that drives mass extinction, social and environmental accounting sees corporations as powerful entities that influence the protection of animals and all living beings on Earth. Accounting for extinction is developed as a tool to help companies change the way they report on their activities and lead to a real change in their operations.

Despite the importance of all species to the survival of ecosystems and humans, companies do not disclose information on biodiversity loss in a meaningful, transparent way. Using a combination of linguistic analysis tools, the project examines whether integrated reports produced by corporations reporting on their impact on species aligns with the spoken report given to various stakeholders.


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Mira Lieberman



Dr Robert McKay

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