Cohort two: 2015-2019

grantham-scholars-2015This page gives details and links to all PhD projects currently being completed by the second cohort of Grantham Scholars, 2015-2019.

Engineering sustainable phosphorus-rich organic fertilisers
Grantham Scholar: Niall Bradshaw
Supervisor: Dr Robert Falconer
Co-supervisor: Professor Duncan Cameron

Evaluating the role of public-private partnerships in the delivery of ecosystem services in UK agriculture
Grantham Scholar: Daniel Casey
Supervisor: Dr Ruth Little
Co-supervisor: Professor Lorraine Maltby

From nature to nano: Learning and mimicking evolution’s designs for efficient conversion of solar energy to electrical current
Grantham Scholar: Guy Mayneord
Supervisor: Dr Matt Johnson
Co-supervisors: Professor Neil Hunter, Dr Ashley Cadby

High mobility materials for sustainable organic optoelectronic devices
Grantham Scholar: Oleksandra Korychenska
Supervisor: Dr Ahmed Iraqi
Co-supervisor: Dr Jenny Clark

How does the mining sector impact on Peruvian communities through its influence on migration?
Grantham Scholar: Sally Faulkner
Supervisor: Dr Tom Goodfellow
Co-supervisor: Professor Andrew Geddes

Integrating quantitative and qualitative data for improved food supply chain analysis
Grantham Scholar: Patience Muchada
Supervisor: Professor Peter Jackson
Co-supervisor: Dr Farida Vis

Measuring tropical forest degradation and its consequences using satellite data
Grantham Scholar: Matthew Hethcoat
Supervisor: Professor Shaun Quegan
Co-supervisors: Dr David Edwards, Dr Robert Bryant, NERC National Centre for Earth Observation

Meat consumption and the idea of animal resources
Grantham Scholar: Diana Webber
Supervisor: Dr Robert McKay
Co-supervisors: Dr John Miller, Dr Alasdair Cochrane

Plant-soil interactions: the impact of plant water use on root architecture and soil structure
Grantham Scholar: Tinashe Mawodza
Supervisors: Dr Stuart Casson, Dr Manoj Menon
Co-supervisor: Professor Damien Lacroix

Public-private partnerships in carbon sequestration projects in the Global South
Grantham Scholar: Robert Hardie
Supervisor: Dr Chasca Twyman
Co-supervisors: Dr Chris Jones, Dr Matthew Cotton

Social representations of climate change adaptation
Grantham Scholar: Emma Stevens
Supervisor: Dr Stephen Connelly
Co-supervisors: Dr Chris Jones, Dr Matthew Cotton

Sustainably expanding tropical agriculture: Preventing perverse market outcomes from high-yielding crops
Grantham Scholar: Felix Lim
Supervisor: Dr David Edwards
Co-supervisor: Dr Jolian McHardy

The geography of emissions and forward-looking responsibility
Grantham Scholar: Anton Eriksson
Supervisor: Dr Holly Lawford-Smith
Co-supervisors: Dr Genevieve LeBaron, Dr Chasca Twyman

The green economy and protected areas – constraint or opportunity?
Grantham Scholar: Bowy den Braber
Supervisor: Dr Karl Evans
Co-supervisors: Dr Rob Bryant, Dr Johan Oldekop

The impact of rural-to-urban migration on the sustainability of urban diets in sub-Saharan Africa
Grantham Scholar: Carolyn Auma
Supervisor: Professor Michelle Holdsworth
Co-supervisor: Dr Megan Blake

Understanding the fate and response of soil carbon to climate change in the Arctic
Grantham Scholar: Magdalena Matysek
Supervisor: Dr Donatella Zona
Co-supervisor: Professor Steve Banwart

What consequences does the decentralisation of energy production have for local energy demand?
Grantham Scholar: Katie Sumner
Supervisor: Dr Matt Watson
Co-supervisor: Dr Alastair Buckley