Plastics: Redefining Single-Use 

How do we redefine single-use plastic? Plastics: Redefining Single-Use is a multidisciplinary research project announced by the UK Science Minister. With £1 million from UKRI we have created a team of world-class experts. Together with the Grantham Centre they will redefine single-use plastic.

rredefine single-use plastic
How do we redefine single-use plastic? Image by Ollie Hirst

Single-use plastic is a waste of limited natural resources. But currently health-care, industry and agriculture all rely on it. Redefining single-use plastic is a tough problem that needs to be tackled from many angles. So we will think across disciplines and explore novel solutions. And we will create a strong basis on which to synthesise evidence and formulate policy advice with regards to a new vision: a zero-waste, circular economy for plastics.

You can read about our team, keep up to date with news and track our progress below. And you can watch this short video to find out more ↓

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