Grantham Scholars join protestors at March For Science

Posted on April 24, 2017 in News by . Share this article

Grantham Scholars were part of a group of University of Sheffield researchers who took part in the March For Science on Saturday. More than 12,000 protestors marched through London, as rallies worldwide called on politicians to enact evidence-based policies.

The march was organised to help protect the scientific community, which has faced challenges from politicians who have questioned the role of “experts” in public life, and populist political movements that threaten to restrict scientific freedom.

Protestors from Sheffield, including several Grantham Centre PhD students, were photographed by the Guardian outside the Science Museum, and featured at the top of the newspaper’s online gallery of photos from the march.

Third year Grantham Scholar Hannah Sewell’s sign on “alternative facts” was listed at number five in Buzzfeed’s list of ‘Just Perfectly British Signs From The March For Science‘. The same sign was included in a picture taken with Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi, and published in Mail Online’s coverage of the march.