Grantham scholars join schoolchildren on Friday protest

Grantham Scholars join UK schoolchildren walk out of classes to protest ecological crisis

Grantham Scholars joined hundreds of children at Sheffield Town Hall. They were protesting global environmental crisis. The Scholers attending included: Rohit Chakraborty, Mira Lieberman,  Vibhuti Patel, Maria del Carmen Redondo Bermudez, Joanna Harley and Florentine Weber

The protest was part of a nation-wide walk out to raise awareness and demand action against ecological crisis.

Rohit Charaborty (second from left) whose work at the Grantham Centre focuses on air pollution said: “When I heard about the school climate strike on 15 February, I knew I must stand with the children because I share a common belief with them – we must make the policy changes needed for climate justice.”