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Opportunity for three months additional funding for PhD projects focusing on sustainability

At the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures (GCSF) we run a specialised training programme to enable PhD students to become the sustainability leaders of the future. GCSF scholars learn how to be expert activists, policy engagement and how to collaborate with industry. The Grantham Centre also works with experts from academia, business and policy on large interdisciplinary research projects aiming to create a sustainable future.

The training provides many benefits in terms of both soft and hard skills. Much of our training fits inside the DDP, not only formal courses and classes but also gaining different forms of experience such as participating in research events, networking, or focusing on particular aspects of presentation and study skills. We also have funds to support knowledge exchange and impact in its many forms. By impact we mean bringing about change – social change, political change, economic and industrial change, and training the young people who will help deliver that change.

The offer
● Pay for specialist training for your PhD student – this includes travel and subsistence costs incurred
● Provide your student with an additional three months of stipend and fees subject to you supporting your student to take part in the training programme and their satisfactory engagement with the training opportunities (Please note that PhDs can only be funded for a total of four years. If your studentship is already four years long then you are welcome to apply for your student to take part in the training but we cannot provide any additional funding).
● The Grantham Centre can publicise your sustainability events and publications on our twitter feed (6k followers), website and via our internal newsletter (sent out to 500 people)
● We can support your consortia building activity and grant applications and put you in touch with sustainability colleagues across the university
● We can support your research impact e.g. alert you to opportunities from policy makers to publicise your research and provide advice about this.

As a Grantham supervisor you would need to support our training programme by:
● Attending the ‘Grantham Centre Introduction’ seminar
● Supporting your PhD student to take part in the compulsory elements of the Grantham Centre training programme
● Attending Grantham Centre events such as our Annual Symposium
● Supporting interdisciplinary training courses such as ‘Methods@Sheffield’
● Undertaking activities such as running a journal club or giving a presentation to the Scholars about publishing papers

For further information please see our current training programme and website.

To apply for this funding please fill in this Google Form.

Please note that you can submit more than 1 response if you have several projects.
You will receive a notification of your responses – please save this for future reference
Please fill in as much information as you have available – when you receive a notification of your response you will also receive a link to be able to edit the form at a later date. Please save this for future reference.
There will be a limited number of places
There is currently no deadline for responses but we will review proposals regularly and let you know if you are successful in securing additional funding.
If you advertise your PhD vacancy we will supply you with a paragraph of text about the possibility of the student being a Grantham scholar that must be added to your advert.

If you have any questions about the training programme or your obligations please contact Deborah Beck, Grantham Centre Manager (