Assessing the impact of climate change on crop yields in Europe

Grantham Scholar Dr Monica Ortiz is now postdoc at Instituto de Ecología y Biodiversidad looking at the links between biodiversity and well-being. Before this she worked at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources. Monica’s project at the Grantham Centre looked at how climate change will affect wheat production in Europe.

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Monica’s research at the Grantham Centre

This project aims to predict how climate change will affect wheat production in Europe.

Rising greenhouse gas emissions lead to changes in our climate. This includes more variability in temperature, rainfall, and extreme climate events like droughts, storms and floods. Agriculture is vulnerable to climate change, which threatens future food production. In Europe, wheat is one of the most important staple foods. Wheat is also a major part of agriculture in terms of planted land, resources, economics, and culture.

Instead of field experiments, climate and crop models will be used together to predict how different future scenarios in Europe will affect wheat yield. Climate models represent our most current scientific understanding of the atmosphere. Crop models simulate how plants grow in different weather and climate, with varying genetics, soil and other biological factors. Predictions of yields support policymakers and farmers in adapting to climate change. Information on future yields may also be useful to motivate research in breeding crops that are adapted to future climate, and bolster efforts to mitigate greenhouse gases, which have adverse effects on our food and planet.


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