Evaluating the role of public-private partnerships in the delivery of ecosystem services in UK agriculture

Agricultural production plays a fundamental role in the management of the natural environment in the UK. Food is the primary outcome of agriculture, but so too are many other ‘public goods’ such as clean water and a healthy environment. There are many ways that food production can be encouraged that also look after the environment. One example is public-private partnerships which bring together different stakeholders (government, private companies and individual landowners) to make sure there is a good balance between increasing food production and limiting environmental harm.

The aim of this PhD is to answer the question: what makes a good partnership approach? Who needs to be involved, what are the appropriate roles and responsibilities to make the relationship sustainable and what kind of ecological benefits do these partnerships provide?

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This project is part of the Risk, Resilience and Responsibility in Public-Private Partnerships in the Green Economy interdisciplinary scholarship network.



Professor Lorraine Maltby

Department of Animal and Plant Sciences