Mustafa Ali

Research Associate

Mustafa Ali is an active researcher interested in identifying business or policy pathways to achieve inclusiveness and food poverty alleviation using a mixture of literature synthesis, data analysis and modelling.

The focus of Mustafa’s research has been on the cities and regions in both developed countries and LMICs for targeted and relevant policy suggestions. For this he regularly employs advanced analytical methods such as time series forecasting, Life Cycle Analyses, spatial correlation assessments, social network analysis and Machine Learning (PCA, clustering, etc). He has been able to achieve 25 academic publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Moreover, his professional experience in sales and marketing honed his skills as a skilled negotiator and presenter. He can communicate academic ideas to a non-scientific audience with ease in different languages. Mustafa is open to consultancy and freelance opportunities in the industry as well as the academia.


  • Life Cycle Assessment