Interfaces in metal halide perovskite devices

Grantham Scholar Rehmat Goodwin’s project will contribute to the development of a new type of photovoltaic technologies which are low-cost and suitable for a range of different applications.

The project

The aim of my project is to understand, and mitigate, the causes of performance losses in wide bandgap metal halide perovskite solar cells. These devices are essential for tandem photovoltaic technologies, however their performance is constrained far below those theoretically achievable. Present understanding suggests that this is due to structural defects within the perovskite material – however they have not yet been directly measured.

My project will look to understand the type of structural defects present in wide bandgap perovskite materials, and to understand how this influences the electronic structure of these materials. I will then use this understanding to develop wide bandgap perovskite solar cells with improved performance.


Dr Alex Ramadan

Department of Physics and Astronomy


Professor Jamie Hobbs

Department of Physics and Astronomy