Reducing single use of plastic and promoting sustainable behaviour using behaviour change intervention

Grantham Scholar Luthfi Dahriyanto’s project uses Behaviour Change Theory to better understand how people use and dispose of plastic. 

The project

Current data shows that plastic recycling in the UK and many countries are constantly below target. Even though policies and regulations to lower the impact of plastic waste on the environment have been many. Some environmental problems are partly due to unsustainable behaviour; therefore, targeting changes in human behaviour is essential for tackling current environmental issues, such as reliance on the single use of plastic.

My study aims to understand the barriers and enablers of people to reduce plastic waste in the Behaviour Change Theory framework. The study will start by mapping capability, opportunity, motivation, and behaviour towards sustainable plastic waste management and whether behaviour change intervention will reduce people’s reliance on single-use plastic in the context of the high and low plastic waste recycling infrastructure level.



Dr Harriet Baird

Dr Harriet Baird

Post-Doctoral Research Associate