Resolving reaction mechanisms, kinetics and mass transport in radionuclide-loaded geopolymer cement wasteforms

Grantham Scholar Charley Nevin’s project looks at disposal of nuclear waste in sustainable cement alternatives. 

Charley is a PhD researcher in the Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering. She is supervised by Dr Brant Walkley and Professor John Provis and is a part of the Sustainable Materials at Sheffield (SMASH) and Cements@Sheffield and research teams. She also has industrial supervision from Sellafield Ltd. by the Encapsulant Integrated Research Team and the Intermediate Level Waste Packaging Development Centre of Expertise.

Charley’s research focuses on resolving reaction mechanisms, kinetics, and mass transport in radionuclide-loaded geopolymer cement wasteforms, for encapsulation of intermediate level radioactive waste. This is part of the GREEN (Growing skills for Reliable Economic Energy from Nuclear) CDT programme, which aims to tackle issues across the entirety of the nuclear fuel cycle. Her PhD research is funded by Sellafield Ltd., and an ESPRC DTP scholarship.


Grantham Centre at COP. Charley is one of a group of Grantham Scholars going to COP27 in 2022.


Dr Brant Walkley

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering


Professor John Provis

Department of Materials Science and Engineering