Grantham Centre annual report 2019 is now online

Grantham Centre team collect pot noodles for the homeless

Grantham Centre staff and scholars collect pot noodles for people who are homeless in Sheffield.

They worked with the Cathedral Archer Project, a Sheffield charity that specialises in helping the homeless. This project was organised by Sheffield Volunteering as part of their Take Action on Homelessness week, which coincided with snow and winds of up to 60mph.

The weather cancelled many events around the University including the talk: How can I help people on the street? Fortunately, you can find the answer to this question on the Sheffield Volunteering website and further information on Help Us Help. They say you can make the biggest difference by donating to charities who provide expert support to people who beg. Or you could volunteer. Plus you can talk to people about how they view street begging.

Why pot noodles for the homeless?

Why pot noodles? Because rough sleepers can usually access hot water, allowing them a hot meal on the streets. It’s a cheap and easy way to make a huge difference to someone’s day.

Sheffield Volunteering collected over 200 pot noodles over the course of one week with the Grantham Centre’s contribution totalling 100 pot noodles.

You can find out how to further support the Cathedral Archer Project via their website showing what they are currently running out of and where to drop them off.

More volunteer work from the Grantham Scholars

Two Grantham Scholars – Nicole Kennard and Philippa Hughes – volunteer with Foodhall. Foodhall is a community kitchen in Sheffield that aims to provide food to those who have trouble accessing it. For example during the UK lockdown they transformed into a delivery hub for those experiencing food shortages. Read: Foodhall: Sheffield’s community hub responds to lockdown food shortages.