Reducing environmental impacts through sustainable food choice

There is a clear consensus that UK food consumption patterns are environmentally unsustainable. We urgently need policies to instil greener patterns of consumption. For example, a greater use of plant foods and fish from sustainable sources, combined with moderation in use of animal foods and processed food.

This project explores how university staff and students might be encouraged to embrace sustainable food choices within a cafeteria setting.

Initially, the research focus will be to develop a sustainability index. This will be based on water and carbon use of foods and beverages as sold in university cafeterias.

The study will also gather information on students’ knowledge, beliefs and attitudes towards dietary change for the environment. These data will be used to inform policy development around sustainable food choice. The final part of the work will specifically test the efficacy of interventions that extend university food sustainability policy on food choice.


Fiona Graham


Professor Michelle Holdsworth

School of Health and Related Research


Dr Manoj Menon

Department of Geography

Dr Margo Marker

Sheffield Hallum University