NEW PAPER by Grantham Scholar: Intra-City Metabolism

Grantham Scholar Ling Min Tan has co-authored a paper published in the journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling. Ling Min’s research explores the fascinating concept of city metabolism, and the published paper summarises findings from an intra-city study.

The paper is about the application of Ecological Network Analysis (ENA) on 35 function urban areas in England and Wales to study the metabolism and sector inter-dependencies of urban ecosystem at intra-city level. The abstract of the paper gives a short but precise summary of the method we have used and the findings we found about the intra-city metabolism of these cities.

The discussion explains how the amount of resource flows and the distance between the economic sectors relate to the relationships between the sectors and hence, how these affect the network community structure and performance of the overall urban ecosystem based on system’s mutualism and synergism indices. The conclusion draws correlations between the economic activities and their spatial distribution to assist policy makers in the decision making process and implementation of sustainable resource management strategies.

Read the full paper here