Dr Rukayya Ibrahim Muazu

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Rukayya Ibrahim Muazu is one of our Post-Doctoral Research Associates working on the Plastics: Redefining Single-Use project.

Rukayya is a chemical-environmental engineer. She has expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA). LCA and ERA are analytical tools used to support policy and decision making in environmental management. Rukkaya is also expert in energy systems (renewables), economic assessment, waste management, resource utilisation and efficiency.

Rukayya’s role within the team is to support the development of sustainable ways to mitigate single-use plastics pollution, reduce greenhouse gases emissions, and increase sustainable utilisation of resources. This will include combining different analytical tools to create an integrated assessment tool suitable for analysing the circular economy of plastics.

This integrated impact assessment tool will facilitate critical thinking and help evaluate the trade-offs involved in moving towards a zero-waste economy. This ensures that the best options are selected for implementation.

Rukayya is also involved in modelling system energy and carbon and water usage. She will develop strategies for carbon reduction and the evaluation of economic performance.

Outreach and impact

Rukkaya in a lab
Rukayya works at the Grantham Centre as a life cycle analysis expert

We interviewed Rukayya about her work – with a special focus on her work on Life Cycle Analysis.

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Find out more about Rukayya’s research here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Rukayya_Ibrahim_Muazu

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