Rohit Chakraborty and the tools that help him tackle air pollution in Sheffield

2019 interview special newsletter out now

The Grantham Scholars (the 70 PhD students we fund & train) are the sustainability leaders of the future.

This is not just a nifty slogan. Every Grantham Scholar works on research that will help us live within planetary boundaries & provide enough for everybody.

So we want to say thank you to the Grantham Scholars – you are the heart of the Grantham Centre.

To celebrate these amazing Scholars, we’ve been asking them what it’s like to be the generation that is expected to save the world.

And in this special edition newsletter, you can find out. Some are hopeful, some are not, but they all share knowledge, passion and a commitment to make a positive impact with their education.

Plus they all explain one thing everyone should know about sustainability.

Read our interview special here.