11 May 2017: The water we consume

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Promoting responsible use of water in food supply chains

In association with the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre: wrdtc.ac.uk
In collaboration with the University of Sheffield Photographic Society: photosoc.union.shef.ac.uk

Thursday 11 May 2017
Exhibition: 5pm-5.30pm
Discussion: 5.30pm-7pm

Lecture Theatre 2, The Diamond, The University of Sheffield
32 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield S3 7RD


Water is life. Not only do we drink it on a daily basis, water is essential to the production, processing and consumption of our food. In fact, agriculture accounts for around 70 percent of water use globally. Yet water is also a resource under threat. How can we continue to meet global food demands whilst ensuring the sustainable and equitable use of water resources? This is a question for policy-makers and businesses alike.

Drawing together four experts working at the water-food nexus, this event will explore the implications of ‘the water we eat’ for people and environments, and promote a critical discussion of the concepts and approaches that have emerged to tackle these issues (such as ‘water footprinting’ and ‘water stewardship’). The panel will consider the respective roles of the public, government and private sector, and provide insights from their own work.

This event is hosted by the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, with co-funding from the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre. Collaborating with the University of Sheffield Photographic Society we will also be showcasing an exciting new exhibition alongside the seminar. The exhibit takes a creative look at our relationship with food and water, bringing the themes of the event to life through photographs.


  • Sarah Wade – Sarah is a Water Stewardship Officer at WWF-UK. Her role involves helping businesses to understand water risks in their supply chains and operations and supporting them to take action to mitigate against these risks through water stewardship.
  • Dr Naho Mirumachi – Naho is a Lecturer in Geography at King’s College London. Her research interests lie in the politics and governance of the environment, particularly water governance in the global south.
  • Peter Newborne – Peter is a Research Associate to the Water Policy Programme at the Overseas Development Institute. A lawyer by training who spent most of the first decade of his career working for big companies, one of his key research focuses is the role of the private sector in water resources management.
  • Chaired by Dr Liz Sharp – Liz is a Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies and Planning, at the University of Sheffield. Her research focuses on water governance and the public in the global north.