19 May 2017: Global warming debates: Do my views really matter?

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Friday 19 May 2017, 5pm-6.30pm

Lecture Theatre 7, The Diamond, The University of Sheffield
32 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield S3 7RD


There are many dimensions to the global warming crisis. Research into clean energy technologies is advancing fast, with a goal of placing sustainability at the forefront of all human endeavours, and there are many stakeholders: academics, industry, politicians, policymakers, environmental organisations, and more.

But where does the public fit in? And who do we mean when we say ‘the public’? This seminar will start to consider these questions and others, such as:

  • To what extent are the public aware of environmental issues, if at all?
  • How has the public responded to previous environmental crises?
  • Do attitudes change in the aftermath of a disaster?
  • Is the public embracing carbon-neutral technologies?

By reflecting on what ‘the public’ think, this event will consider more fundamental questions: do these opinions matter and should they inform environmental policy?

This seminar will focus on public perceptions and attitudes to the global warming crisis, with speakers from certification schemes and international NGOs, the media, policymaking and academia. The aim is to unpick these complex issues to help us work towards innovative solutions.


  • Linda McAvan MEP –Labour MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Chair of the European Parliament’s International Development Committee
  • Nick Nuttgens and Jenny Patient – Sheffield Climate Alliance
  • Dr Chris Jones – Department of Psychology, The University of Sheffield
  • David Holmes – Department of Journalism Studies, The University of Sheffield
  • Chaired by Dr Kate Dommett – Department of Politics, The University of Sheffield