10 May 2016: Acting Together Against Climate Change

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Tracy Carty, Oxfam
Dr Alix Dietzel, University of Bristol
David Midgley, Zero Carbon Yorkshire
Dr Anna Watson, Friends of the Earth

Tuesday 10 May, 5.30pm-7.15pm
Lecture Theatre 2, The Diamond
The University of Sheffield
32 Leavygreave Road
Sheffield S3 7RD


What do the impacts of climate change mean for me?

Can one person really make a difference?

Where does the responsibility for action on global climate change lie?

Four guest panellists will explore the current barriers and potential strategies for the global climate movement, focusing on the following question:

In the context of an increasingly uncertain future, what is the most effective way for the public to contribute to action on climate change?

You can tweet with us using the hashtag #gcsfatacc.

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