Promoting circular economy in agri-food supply chains

Lead supervisor: Dr Andrea Genovese, Management School
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Sonal Choudhary, Management School; Professor David Evans, Geography; Dr Estrella Luna-Diez, Animal and Plant Sciences

Deadline: Thursday 23 February 2017

Applications for this project have now closed.

Project description

The unprecedented growth in world’s population urges to develop new strategies to maximise the yield of food production systems and minimise wastage. FAO estimates that, on a global scale, one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally (1.3BN tons per year); even in the EU, 88MM tons of food are wasted annually. In order to respond to general resource efficiency challenges, stakeholders and policy-makers are embracing the Circular Economy paradigm. Through a holistic multi-disciplinary approach (combining supply chain and operations management, social sciences and plant sciences), this doctoral research will seek to address the applicability of a Circular Economy paradigm across agri-food supply chains. The research will also look at the challenges for implementing the Circular Economy in different geo-political contexts (including cases from the global North and South).

The project will include surveys of the presently existing Circular Economy projects in the food industry at the different levels, comparison of linear and circular production systems in selected food supply chains, practical and theoretical consideration of the compatibility of a Circular Economy model with free-market economic contexts and an investigation of policy mechanisms and initiatives needed for favouring the implementation of Circular Economy in global food systems.

Keywords: sustainable food production, circular economy, supply chains, food waste

Subject areas: Supply Chain Management, Agriculture, Economics, Geography

Funding notes

This four-year studentship will be fully funded at Home/EU or international rates. Support for travel and consumables (RTSG) will also be made available at standard rate of £2,627 per annum, with an additional one-off allowance of £1,000 for a computer in the first year. Students will receive an annual stipend of £17,336.