How to cook a more sustainable Sunday roast

Dr Christian Reynolds, Grantham Centre supervisor and Knowledge Exchange Research Fellow (N8 AgriFood project) in the University of Sheffield’s Department of Geography, analysed the energy used in preparing a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding seven different ways – through adapting the cooking method, ingredients and the efficiency of the appliances used.

”The Sunday roast is an institution for many families across the globe. From Australia to the UK, families come together on a Sunday to share a meal. More often than not, this meal is centred around a joint of roast meat – traditionally lamb or beef.

The health implications and environmental impacts of our diet have now become a regular discussion topic, with sustainable dietary advice recommending that we reduce meat consumption and increase our consumption of plant-based proteins, fruits and vegetables. But what does this practically mean: how can we eat for health and sustainability on a day-to-day basis?”

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