Urea­-ka! Public and political perceptions of carbon dioxide utilisation in the manufacture of urea-­based products


Dr Kate Dommett, Department of Politics


Dr Chris Jones, Department of Psychology
Professor Peter Styring, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Grantham Scholar

Gloria Mensah

Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) is an emerging technological option for addressing climate change. CDU has been identified as a more environmentally friendly and beneficial technology that can complement other existing technologies. While technological advancements in CDU are being spurred on every day, little is known about its social acceptability (ie, public, political and market).

This project, which is interdisciplinary, seeks to advance understanding of emerging socio-political perceptions of technological advancements in Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (CDU) – advancements which could stand to promote the sustainable manufacture of widely-used products, especially urea-based products (eg, agricultural fertilisers, pesticides). CDU applications are becoming more important because of their role in promoting environmental sustainability. Captured CO2 can be used to accelerate the mineralisation of solid inorganic waste, providing materials for construction, among others. Without socio-political support, CDU innovations cannot secure the necessary funding for implementation, gain administrative consent, or even find sites to operate upon.

By shedding light on the social and political responses to CDU applications, this project will stand to provide guidance on public and political communication and engagement practices relating to CDU.