Cohort three: 2016-2020

This page gives details and links to all PhD projects currently being completed by the third cohort of Grantham Scholars, 2016-2020.

Arguing about GM – an analysis of the use of science in the GM food debate in traditional and social media
Grantham Scholar: Roberta Fabrizi
Supervisor: Dr Margo Barker
Co-supervisors: Professor Jurriaan Ton, Dr Jean Russell

Assessing the potential of no-­till farming across European soils
Grantham Scholar: Jennifer Veenstra
Supervisor: Dr Manoj Menon
Co-supervisors: Dr Colin Smith, Dr Anna Krzywoszynska

Biodiversity, the economy and public policy
Grantham Scholar: Kaisa Pietilä
Supervisor: Professor Colin Hay
Co-supervisors: Professor James Wilsdon, Professor Peter Horton, Dr Craig Berry

Characterising uncertainty in complex environmental simulations for public engagement with climate change conscious sustainable planning and design
Grantham Scholar: Jonathan Sykes
Supervisor: Dr Chengzhi Peng
Co-supervisors: Dr Richard Wilkinson, Professor Helen Kennedy

Climate-ready rice: protecting rice yields under global warming
Grantham Scholar: Ligia Bertolino
Supervisor: Professor Julie Gray
Co-supervisors: Professor Paul Quick, Dr Eran Elhaik

Development of a low ­cost, portable and solar­powered pump for improving income, food and energy security in developing countries
Grantham Scholar: Saeed Mohammed Wazed
Supervisor: Dr Ben Hughes
Co-supervisors: Dr Russell Goodall, Dr Andy Bell

Earthworm diversity and dynamics: The neglected component of soil sustainability
Grantham Scholar: Joseph Llanos
Supervisor: Dr Penelope Watt
Co-supervisor: Professor Jonathan Leake

Engineering the removal of metals from human waste to make it processable as a fertiliser
Grantham Scholar: James Bezzina
Supervisor: Dr Mark Ogden
Co-supervisor: Dr Robert Dawson

Enhanced rock weathering supply chain life cycle sustainability
Grantham Scholar: Eunice Oppon
Supervisor: Professor Lenny Koh
Co-supervisor: Professor David Beerling

Entropy calculation to help understand societal change
Grantham Scholar: Theresa Nelson
Supervisors: Dr Alastair Buckley, Dr Roger Doonan
Co-supervisors: Professor Martin Mayfield, Dr Iñaki Esnaola

Evaluating the influence of the reporting of natural disasters on public understanding of their causes and possible prevention solutions
Grantham Scholar: Ye Jiang
Supervisor: Dr Diana Maynard
Co-supervisors: Professor Jackie Harrison, Professor Shaun Quegan

How policy travels through people: Understanding the values and practices of actors in a water governance system
Grantham Scholar: Naomi Oates
Supervisor: Professor Frances Cleaver
Co-supervisors: Dr Steve Connelly, Professor Alan Macdonald

Reconstructing the past and predicting the future: what can ice­-cores tell us about climate?
Grantham Scholar: Fiona Turner
Supervisor: Dr Richard Wilkinson
Co-supervisor: Dr Julie Jones, Professor Caitlin Buck

Recyclable polymer foams as synthetic soils for cultivation of high­ value horticultural crops
Grantham Scholar: Harry Wright
Supervisor: Professor Tony Ryan
Co-supervisors: Professor Duncan Cameron, Dr Gareth Phoenix

Recycling ammonia from landfill leachate: Out with the old and in with the new
Grantham Scholar: George Papagiannidis
Supervisor: Professor Joe Harrity
Co-supervisors: Professor Will Zimmerman, Pratik Desai

Rural livelihoods within global supply chains: Food waste and recovery in East Africa from global supply chains to local food systems
Grantham Scholar: Jonas Cromwell
Supervisor: Dr Megan Blake
Co-supervisors: Dr Claire Quinn, Dr Stephen Whitfield

Understanding and formulation of the spatial effects of city economic and energetic characteristics on their resource consumption
Grantham Scholar: Ling Min Tan
Supervisor: Professor Martin Mayfield
Co-supervisors: Professor Gwilym Pryce

Urea­-ka! Public and political perceptions of carbon dioxide utilisation in the manufacture of urea-­based products
Grantham Scholar: Gloria Mensah
Supervisor: Dr Kate Dommett
Co-supervisors: Dr Christopher Jones, Professor Peter Styring