Each year, we recruit Grantham Scholars who combine outstanding intellect with a strong commitment to public engagement, leadership and action. If these principles match your ambitions, you are invited to apply for one of our interdisciplinary PhD research projects to help solve the challenges of sustainability.

The applications are now closed.

PhD opportunities 2018

A new climate of public reason: impact and trust in science communication
Lead Supervisor: Dr Warren Pearce, Sociological Studies
Co-Supervisor(s): Tom Stafford, Psychology 

BREATHE: a feasibility study of sustainable green barriers to air pollution in the global south
Lead supervisor: Prof Anna Jorgensen, Landscape
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Juan Miguel Kanai, Geography: Prof Beverley Inkson, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Dr Ross Cameron, Department of Landscape; Dr Maria Val Martin, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Designing cost-effective materials for photocatalytic water treatment
Lead Supervisor: Dr Natalia Martsinovich, Chemistry
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Siddharth Patwardhan, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Developing Analytical Tools to Understand SDG Synergies and Tradeoffs
Lead Supervisor: Dr Johan Oldekop, Geography
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Aki Tsuchiya, Economics

Exploring readiness and interventions for a diet lower in red and processed meat among lower socio-economic status populations in the UK
Lead Supervisor: Prof Michelle Holdsworth, ScHARR, Public Health
Co-supervisor(s): David Evans, Prof of Human Geography, Department of Geography

Exploring the role of social norms in contributing to sustainable reduced meat food choices, offline and on social media
Lead Supervisor: Dr Nicola Buckland, Psychology
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Helen Kennedy, Sociological Studies

Impacts of savanna tree encroachment on livelihoods, water and carbon
Lead Supervisor: Prof Colin Osborne, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Frances Cleaver, Department of Geography; Dr Donatella Zona, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

Low Cost Internet of Things based Sensor Networks for Air Quality in Cities
Lead Supervisor: Prof Martin Mayfield, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Lyudmila Mihaylova, Department of Automatic Controls and Systems Engineering; Prof Tony Ryan, Department of Chemistry; Dr Nate Adams, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

Scientific advice for a sustainable agri-food system: post-Brexit challenges for evidence-informed policymaking
Lead Supervisor: Prof James Wilsdon, Department of Politics
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Peter Horton FRS, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology; Dr Ruth Little, Department of Geography

Solar water purification by inorganic photochemistry
Lead Supervisor: Prof Julia Weinstein, Department of Chemistry
Co-supervisor(s): Prof David Kelly, Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Sustainable futures in sugar production and consumption: a food justice approach
Lead Supervisor: Prof Barry Gibson, School of Clinical Dentistry
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Peter A. Jackson, School of Geography; Prof Rahul Naidu, School of Dentistry, The University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

Sustainable management of energy to improve quality of life in developing countries
Lead Supervisor: Prof Darren Robinson, Architecture
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Sonal Choudhary, Management; Dr Milijana Odavic, Electronic and Electrical engineering

The rhizosphere and soil health: from bench to field and back again
Lead Supervisor: Dr Stephen Rolfe, Animal and Plant Sciences
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Anna Krzywoszynska, Geography

Understanding how irrigation water infrastructure works for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems
Lead Supervisor: Prof Frances Cleaver, Geography
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Vanessa Speight, Civil and Structural Engineering; Dr Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum, Senior Lecturer in Water Governance, UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, The Netherlands; Prof Adelaide Munodawafa, Chairperson of Department of Land and Water Resource Management, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe

Understanding the Role of Climate in Arctic Browning: consequences of climate change and extreme climatic events
Lead Supervisor: Dr Julie Jones, Geography
Co-supervisor(s): Prof Gareth Phoenix, Animal and Plant Sciences; Dr Robert Bryant, Department of Geography; Dr Gareth Marshall, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK

Understanding the roles of pollinators and herbivores in sustainable urban agroecosystems
Lead Supervisor: Dr Jill Edmondson, Animal and Plant Sciences
Co-supervisor(s): Dr Stuart Campbell, Animal and Plant Sciences; Prof James Hitchmough, Department of Landscape