Cohort one: 2014-2018

grantham-scholars-2014This page gives details and links to all PhD projects currently being completed by the first cohort of Grantham Scholars, 2014-2018.

Assessing the impact of climate change on crop yields in Europe
Grantham Scholar: Monica Ortiz
Supervisor: Dr Julie Jones
Co-supervisors: Professor Edward Hanna, Professor Rob Freckleton, Professor Adam Scaife (UK Met Office)

Automating agriculture: using UASs to monitor for environmental and management benefits
Grantham Scholar: James Lambert
Supervisor: Professor Rob Freckleton
Co-supervisors: Dr Dylan Childs, Professor Tony Prescott, Professor Sandor Veres

Computational simulation of plant-soil-water processes for design of agricultural production
Grantham Scholar: Angesh Anupam
Supervisor: Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan
Co-supervisors: Professor David Beerling, Professor Steve Banwart

Delivering food security through small-scale farmers – lessons from Brazil
Grantham Scholar: Cecilie Dyngeland
Supervisor: Dr Karl Evans
Co-supervisor: Dr Chasca Twyman

Global food security – identifying and isolating genes for engineering improved drought-tolerance of crops in a CO2-rich world
Grantham Scholar: Hannah Sewell
Supervisor: Professor David Beerling
Co-supervisors: Dr Stuart Casson, Professor Julie Gray

Improving crops’ resilience to climate change by understanding the molecular basis of seedling establishment
Grantham Scholar: Peter Venn
Supervisor: Dr Karim Sorefan
Co-supervisor: Professor Jurriaan Ton

Improving food security by reducing loss to plant pathogens
Grantham Scholar: Christian Dutton
Supervisor: Professor Julie Gray
Co-supervisor: Professor Jurriaan Ton

New avenues to improve crops with C4 photosynthesis: How did nature build efficient C4 enzymes?
Grantham Scholar: Nicholas Moody
Supervisor: Dr Jim Reid
Co-supervisor: Dr Pascal-Antoine Christin

Reducing environmental impacts through sustainable food choice
Grantham Scholar: Fiona Graham
Supervisor:Professor Michelle Holdsworth
Co-supervisors: Dr Manoj Menon, Dr Margo Barker

Sustainable agricultural soil management by recycling algal biomass to land
Grantham Scholar: Emanga Alobwede
Supervisor: Dr Jagroop Pandhal
Co-supervisor: Professor Jonathan Leake

The Big Seed Sunshine Project
Grantham Scholar: James Thackery
Supervisor: Dr Karim Sorefan
Co-supervisor: Dr Marta Milo