Water purification by zeolites supported on carbide foams


Dr Marco Conte, Department of Chemistry


Professor Kirill Horoshenkov, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr Rino Mukti,

Dr Veinardi Suendo

Grantham Scholar

Water is source of life but now water shortage is a worldwide challenge, which posing great threat to people all over the world. Converting dirty water to clean water via effective purification technology is one of the most potential ways to solve this problem. However, high-efficient water purification technology always relies on superior porous materials.

The project aims to develop low cost water purification technology, which involves two main topics: the preparation of advanced ‘zeolite + foam’ catalysts materials and application of the synthesized materials into phenol solution. Furthermore, green experimental conditions, e.g. low temperature, low pressure are required in this project to better match up with ‘sustainability’.