Projections show that by 2050 the demand for food and energy will double, with a more than 50% increase in the demand for clean water. This is in the context of a changing climate, and a global population that is expected to reach 10 billion. The Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures was set up to help meet these challenges as a hub of outstanding interdisciplinary research and innovative sustainability solutions.

Creating a sustainable future needs work from organisations and communities around the world – our focus is on two immediate issues:

Enough for Everyone

Making sure that people everywhere have enough clean water and nutritious, safe, appropriate food to be healthy and active; as well as reliable, affordable and clean energy to meet their needs. Find out more

Reducing Global Consumption

Slowing the depletion of natural resources and emissions of greenhouse gases, to make sure that society’s needs are met without compromising the needs of future generations, or degrading ecosystems. Find out more

This research is powered by the vast expertise within the University of Sheffield. Specialist teams of scientists, engineers and social scientists cross their traditional disciplinary boundaries to underpin the Grantham Centre’s mission to deliver a fairer, more sustainable world.

Some of this research is carried out by our Grantham Scholars who work under the supervision of leading sustainability experts, our Grantham Supervisors. See Training

Research centres

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