fortnightly on Mondays: ISAC

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**Grantham supervisors and scholars only **

Our new seminar series starts soon, and it incorporates our dedication to cake.

From January, ISAC will run fortnightly on Mondays from 3.30-5.30pm (dates will be added to your calendars).  Cohort 1 will start the series off, then Cohort 2, and so on. Grantham Scholars will be chosen at random. When you are chosen, we will get into contact with you in advanced to confirm that the seminar fits with your schedule. If you’d like to volunteer to do a seminar on a specific day, please contact Florentine ( If possible, we will try to make that happen.

Presentations will be ‘conference style’, with two scholars per seminar, each with a 15-minute presentation and 5 minutes of questions. The remainder of the seminar will consist of discussion and time for cake/coffee/tea. Please keep in mind that these presentations will be to other Grantham scholars and supervisors who may not be in your field/discipline.

Finally, as per the acronym (Internal Seminars And Cake) you can volunteer to bring/bake a cake! For info on the baking side of things please contact Fiona (, Roberta (, or Jenny ( More info on the baking portion of ISAC will follow…

Seminar 1: 04/12/2017 – Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 2 15/01/2018 – C12c, Dainton Building

Seminar 3: 29/01/2018 – Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 4: 12/02/2018 – tbc

Seminar 5: 26/02/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 6: 12/03/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 7: 26/03/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 8: 09/04/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 9: 23/04/2018 – Ron Johnston Research Centre, Geography

Seminar 10: 14/05/2018 – tbc

Seminar 11: 04/06/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 12: 18/06/2018 – C12c, Dainton Building

Seminar 13: 02/07/2018- Council Room, Firth Court

Seminar 14: 16/07/2018 – C12c, Dainton Building

Seminar 15: 30/07/2018- Council Room, Firth Court