“Giving to a museum is superficially admirable, but a complete waste of money if society does not survive in a reasonably stable condition, and I do not think it is even 50/50 now that it will.”

The decimation of the environment is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity. But why is so little charitable giving directed towards it? Alexandra Newlove spoke to some of the powerhouses in environmental philanthropy about why donating to other causes may be a waste of time

Among the philanthropists who do prioritise the planet is Jeremy Grantham, whose many hats include being the co-founder of the $74 billion Boston-based investment management firm GMO LLC. Grantham just about bursts every time someone asks him why he and his wife Hannelore have made environmentalism and climate change the focus of their giving.


“I always find it shocking when someone asks me, ‘Why would you pick this issue?’,” he says on the phone from Boston.

“It was the obvious candidate. It is the most pressing of the serious threats to our long-term wellbeing.”

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