Fabian Commission brings food and poverty hearings to Sheffield

fabianYesterday (27 January), the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures, along with the University of Sheffield’s Department of Geography and the Research Exchange for the Social Sciences, hosted the fourth hearing of the Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty.

The Commission is bringing together experts, as well as those experiencing poverty, to look at the roles of government, civil society and the food industry in increasing the availability and accessibility of sustainable, nutritious food. This was was its first hearing in the north of England and more than 80 people from organisations across the UK attended.

This hearing focused on the environmental and social costs of cheap food. Three experts presented evidence to the commission examining the issues from both a consumer and industry perspectives.

Professor Tim Benton from the University of Leeds talked about the interrelations of climate change, growing global population and food security. Watch the video

Professor Dale Southerton from the University of Manchester discussed changing consumer behaviours, eating habits and the environmental implications of these. Watch the video

Hilary Hamer presented case studies of her work as Director of Food4Hull, discussing the challenges of engaging local producers, authorities and the community. Watch the video

The Commission will make its final recommendations in Summer 2015. You read a report of the hearing and to find out more about the commission’s ongoing work at the Commision’s website. Hearing 4 report


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