Finding solutions to major global problems cannot be done by one organisation alone. We work with businesses, politicians and communities to develop and embed sustainable practices and make the case for change. Our researchers are actively involved in a variety of collaborations and our events help to bring our vision of a sustainable future to a wider audience.

On these pages you can read about our engagement work with a range of organisations, and find out how to get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

Global conversations

As part of our new communications strategy we commission Grantham centre staff and scholars to write about upcoming national and international days. Read our coverage of International Women’s Day, Brexit. and UN World Soil Day.


We draw from the University of Sheffield’s outstanding knowledge base to support local, national and global companies eager to run their businesses more sustainably. Find out more


Policymakers play an essential part in steering change. As advocates for sustainability, we work closely with politicians and civil servants to bring our expertise into the policymaking process. Find out more


Communities around the world are affected by the challenges of sustainability. We work with the public to explore the issues they face and support grassroots efforts to help meet demands for food, water and energy, while reducing global consumption. Find out more

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You can find details of our Engagement Board on our People page: People